Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do and there's no better time than now to stop!

If you live in Devon and currently smoke, you could be eligible for FREE support.

It's easy to get started and we will be there throughout your journey to help you stop smoking for good.


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With our help, you’re three times more likely to quit. We will be with you every step of the way.




Our service is FREE and our coaches will help you to develop a quit plan, so you can make changes that are sustainable.




We offer support over the phone, via video call and also face to face.





You will quickly start to feel the benefits of stopping smoking

We will help you to manage cravings and tackle temptations. 

Our flexible programme also means you can stop smoking with as much or as little support as you want. 

Our coaches can support you in person, over the phone or by video chat.  

We are here when you need us. 


after 20 minutes

After 20 minutes

Check your pulse rate, it will already be starting to return to normal.

8 hours after stopping smoking time

After 8 hours

Your oxygen levels are recovering, and the harmful carbon monoxide level in your blood will have reduced by half.

4 hours after stopping smoking icon

After 48 hours

All carbon monoxide is flushed out. Your lungs are clearing mucus and your senses of taste and smell are improving.

72 hours after stopping smoking icon

After 72 hours

If you notice that breathing feels easier, it's because your bronchial tubes have started to relax. Also your energy will be increasing.

2 to 12 weeks after stopping smoking icon

After 2 to 12 weeks

Blood will be pumping through to your heart and muscles much better because your circulation will have improved.

3 to 9 months after stopping smoking icon

After 3 to 9 months

Any coughs, wheezing or breathing problems will be improving as your lung function increases by up to 10%.

1 year after stopping smoking icon

After 1 year

Great news! Your risk of heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker's.

10 years after stopping smoking icon

After 10 years

More great news! Your risk of death from lung cancer will have halved compared with a smoker's.


How to get FREE stop smoking support

Many people try to quit smoking with willpower alone, but it's much easier to go smoke-free with the right help. There are lots of support options available - try a combination that works for you.

Alongside our coaching support we offer: 

Vaping to Quit 
Nicotine vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking and is a great aid to help you to quit. Vaping is not completely harmless and we only recommend it for adult smokers, to support quitting smoking and staying quit. Click here to find out more about vaping to quit.

Stop smoking aids
Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) can really help with managing cravings and other tobacco withdrawal symptoms. With our coaches support and NRT, you are boosting your chances of successfully quitting. Click here to find out more about NRT stop smoking aids.


Start your smoke-free journey today 



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Top tips for success

Cravings can hit you at lots of different times. If you can manage your cravings, you’ll be much more likely to succeed in stopping smoking. Cravings are normal, and you CAN manage them.

Cravings happen because your body is missing the nicotine it’s used to - sometimes they are in sudden bursts and sometimes they may be in the back of your mind over a longer period of time. We can help you to manage your cravings but here's a few helpful tips to get you started:

  • Recognise the craving signs
  • Jump into some exercise
  • Distract yourself with a quick task
  • Go to a smoke-free zone
  • Drink a glass of water.



Quitting Tips

Stopping smoking is one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will be healthier as a result and will be amazed how much money you save. 

Here are our top ten tips to support you to QUIT: 

  1. Get help from our service, it is free and we will help you on your journey  
  2. Tell people you're quitting - they can support you and you are more like to stick with your quit
  3. Set a date to quit when you can focus on yourself and you won’t have loads of temptation. Remember to add your quit date to your calendar
  4. Use stop smoking aids - either nicotine replacement therapy or vapes
  5. Encourage other people you live with or your friends and family to quit with you
  6. Have a plan of what to do if you are tempted to smoke.
  7. List all your triggers to smoke and avoid them, this may mean you change your daily routine or you stop doing things that are linked to you smoking
  8. Keep cravings at bay by keeping busy and using your NRT or vape 
  9. Exercise or just getting out walking is a great way to manage cravings
  10. Speak to your coach and to other people who are on the same journey as you.

You can stop smoking and you will be so glad you did. 


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Smoke free homes

If you smoke at home, the smoke you breathe out can also harm the people who live with you. When they breathe in your cigarette smoke, they are more at risk of getting the illnesses caused by smoking and are four times more likely to develop lung cancer. 

Babies and children who breathe in your smoke are more likely to get chest infections, meningitis and a cough that won’t easily go away. If they have asthma, their symptoms will get worse. 

Babies who breathe in your smoke are more at risk of cot death and an ear infection called glue ear. If you or someone in your household smokes, you should smoke outside 



Clear & actionable support

We’re here to help you understand what is going to motivate you to quit and to help you overcome barriers or temptations. 

Our expert coaches will give you the support you need to make healthier lifestyle choices to break free from smoking. 

We have made it simple and easy to quit, with FREE guidance and support in a non-judgemental and friendly environment. 


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Ready to get started?

One of our expert coaches will talk you through the process and create a personalised plan which is tailored to you. 

You are 3x more likely to quit with our FREE support, so it is time to start saving and lead a healthier lifestyle that you can sustain. 





A personal health coach in your palm

The Best-You app is an extra level of personal support and motivation to help make lasting lifestyle changes. 


Track and improve your health and wellbeing, anytime and anywhere. 


Download and register for FREE today. 


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You can sign up for the service by:

Calling us 0800 122 3866 on or online here

NRT is a licensed medicine and there are very few risks from using it. It can help you to manage your cravings and is far less harmful than smoking. For example, a slow release patch can help you manage the background craving and a fast-acting patch can help when you feel that sudden urge to smoke.

Other NRT products can help you become smoke free too – such as gum, lozenges, nasal sprays, inhalators and e-cigarettes. We will advise you on the most suitable product(s) for you.

Smoking costs money as well as affecting your health. Cigarettes are expensive, and quitting can save you money now, as well as save on future health costs. 

Based on someone who smokes 20 cigarettes a day, at a cost of £12 per pack you could save a massive £4,380 a year. That’s £336 a week, £84 a month and £12 per day. 

You can calculate how much money you will save here 

Our flexible programme means you can stop smoking with as much or as little support as you want. Our coaches can support you in person, over the phone or by video chat. 



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