How Quitting Smoking Transforms Your Wealth and Your Health 

Now we’ve started a new year, it’s key to remember that when you stop smoking, good things start to happen. There are many benefits to quitting such as having more energy, feeling healthier, breathing better, and having extra money in your pocket. Also, if you quit smoking for 28 days, you’re five times more likely to quit for good. 

Smoking costs money as well as affecting your health. Cigarettes are expensive, so quitting can save you money now, and on future health costs. It’s time to discover the financial benefits of kicking the habit and giving you and your loved ones a brighter future.

Money Going Up in Smoke 

Research by Public Health England shows that on average, smokers spend £38.59 a week on tobacco. This means they could have around £2,000 more to spend a year by quitting. Assuming a pack of cigarettes costs £12-£14, and you were to quit smoking 20 cigarettes a day, here’s an estimate of the potential savings you could achieve: 

  • Daily savings: By quitting 20 cigarettes a day, you would save up to £14 per day. 

  • Weekly savings: Multiplying the daily savings by 7, your savings would amount to approximately £98 each week. 

  • Monthly savings: Continuing the calculation, you could save around £365-£430 per month. 

  • Annual savings: Finally, multiplying the monthly savings by 12, your savings could reach around £4,464 to £5,160 a year. 

Not only will you save money on tobacco, but you will also save money on things like cigarette lighters/fluid, making trips to the dentist as smoking can cause problems like gum disease and plaque, and replacing any furniture or clothing that smells of smoke. With the money you can save from quitting, not only will you be healthier, but also quid’s in. 

One of our specialist Stop Smoking Advisors at Stop For Life Devon, advises working out how much you could save from quitting by using the NHS Calculator here. 

Survey research by Public Health England reveals smokers can see positive changes as soon as two weeks after quitting smoking, including saving money (34%), having more energy (45%), feeling healthier (42%), improved breathing (42%) and healthier looking skin (24%).  

Quit for Health Milestones 

Within just two days of quitting smoking, you can expect to see fresher skin, hair and breath, and improved breathing due to reduced carbon monoxide. Within one week, you’ll have higher levels of protective antioxidants like vitamin C, along with an enhanced sense of taste and smell. 

Within one month, your heart will be working more efficiently, exercising will be easier, and your immune system will start to recover. Within three to six months, you are likely to cough and wheeze less, blood flow to your fingers and toes would have improved, and you may feel less stressed than when you were smoking. 

Within one year, your lungs will have continued to improve, your small airways will be healthier, and your lung function will be better than if you had kept smoking. Empower yourself with knowledge about the benefits of stopping smoking with our free app Best-You - use the 'Quit Timeline' here. 

Make the commitment to quit smoking today. Embrace the journey of smoke-free living with our Healthy Lifestyles community. You don’t have to face this journey alone. Together, let’s conquer the challenges, thrive, and inspire positive change. 

Start to take control of tobacco today. For free help and support contact us now on 0800 122 3866. Let this year be the start of your smoke-free, healthier, and happier life. 

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