Top Tips for the Quit

Speaking to our specialist Stop Smoking Advisor, we've come up with the top tips you'll need when you start your journey to becoming smoke-free. Keep reading to find out how you can make your quit simpler and smoother with our support.  

3 Quick Tips for the Quit  

1. Use a specialist stop smoking service:  

You are 3 times more likely to quit smoking with the help of a specialist stop smoking service. They have specially trained stop smoking advisors to offer help and advice. Specialist stop smoking advisors will be able to inform you about the approach that is right for you. They can help and support you to identify triggers to your smoking and habits associated with it. You are then supported and offered help and advice to making lasting sustainable changes to improve your health.  

Having an advisor checking in on you means that you are not alone and can ask questions and feel supported. They can also advise on different types of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, and e-cigarettes and help you choose a product that is suitable and right for you.  A combination of Nicotine Replacement Therapy and behavioural support from specially trained stop smoking advisors has been shown to be very effective in helping smokers stop for life.  

2. Be Ready to Commit to Quit.  

Is now the right time?  What are your reasons for quitting now? What’s different this time? Being ready to stop smoking can be the key to success when previous attempts have failed.  Your reasons for quitting are powerful and important to you and can help to keep you motivated. This motivational mindset will help encourage you to push through when it’s challenging. Setting a quit date with your stop smoking advisor is one of the best ways to stop smoking. Be committed to the quit!  

3. Download the Best-You app:  

The Best-You app can really help to keep you on track with your quitting smoking journey. It lets you know how many days you have been smoke free and the benefits to your health. It also lets you know how much money you are saving. It has lots of great information, and useful advice about giving up smoking, what to expect, and the health benefits.  It has information on healthy eating too. It is a great addition to your stop smoking advisor and by having it in your pocket you can take it anywhere reminding you of all the benefits of stopping smoking and keeping you focused.   


Replacing smoking with healthier habits:  

Healthier habits that are sustainable long term, are ones that you enjoy.  Find something new to do today!  

Getting fitter by going to the gym - you will notice the health benefits having given up smoking. Your breathing will be easier, and your heart won’t have to beat so fast to get the oxygen pumping round your body. Your performance will improve, and the endorphins released during exercise will make you feel better physically and also mentally.  

Keeping your mind and hands busy is a good idea and you can try the following ideas:  

  • Jigsaw puzzles, mindful colouring, crosswords, sudoku or playing games on your phone.  

  • Read a book, magazine or a newspaper and really get absorbed in it.  

  • Listening or playing music and relaxing.  

  • Gardening is good exercise and keeps hands and mind busy. It's very rewarding to see what you have achieved.   

  • Change of scenery walking a different route home from work, avoiding triggers e.g. passing the same shops can help break old habits.   

  • Cycling in the countryside, exploring new areas where you live can be fun and enjoyable.  

  • Walking with friends is a very beneficial, for physical and mental well-being. Exercise helps to keep you physically fit, and the social interaction is great for your mental health.   

  • Taking up a new hobby, maybe something you previously enjoyed or trying a new one is a great way to keep busy and meet new people.   


Strategies to stay smoke free:  

Reminding yourself of the benefits to your health can be a great way to stay smoke free.   

What have you noticed? Can you breathe more easily? Is it easier walking to the bus? Has your cough gone? Noticing the benefits to your health can help to keep you motivated.  

Reminding yourself of the money that you are saving? Are you tracking it on the Best-you app? Are you using it to pay for extra bills or are you saving up for anything special?  

Be proud of all that you have achieved. Remind yourself of how far you have come. Track your results on Best-You app.  

Identifying as a non-smoker can be very powerful. Saying I don’t smoke now or I’m a non-smoker sounds much more positive than I am trying to give up.   

Have a plan in advanced for social activities where you know friends may be smoking. Deciding how you will stay smoke free in advance can help keep you on track and remain smoke free when out and about.   

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